The Law Office of Sarah Rich is committed to providing each of our clients with an exceptional level of legal services and representation at an affordable price. Whether you need help obtaining a visa, becoming a resident or citizen of the United States, or are facing the threat of deportation, call the Law Office of Sarah Rich today.

Knowledge of the Immigration System

The Law Office of Sarah Rich goes to work for you the minute you walk through the door. At your free consultation, Sarah will interview you about all aspects of your life in order to determine the fastest, easiest, and most economical way to reach your immigration goal. Whether your goal is a temporary or permanent stay in the United States, bringing a loved one to the United States, or fighting removal proceedings, Sarah will find the best way to reach that goal. Sarah has knowledge of how to navigate your case through the immigration system.

Our Clients are our Priority

The Law Office of Sarah Rich understands that your immigration case is important to you. As your attorney, your case is important to us as well. We work to complete each step of your case as quickly as possible. Sometimes the Department of Homeland Security works slowly on the cases before them. Sarah Rich is an ardent advocate for each of her clients. Whether she needs to visit an office in Fresno or write letters to Senators, Sarah Rich will take the necessary steps to resolve your case.

Deportation Defense

With a background in the immigration court, Sarah Rich can defend you when the Department of Homeland Security tries to remove you from the United States. Sarah Rich has experience in defending her clients in every aspect of a removal case. From the very start of your case, Sarah Rich will search for holes in the government’s case which could result in termination of the removal proceedings. Sarah Rich looks for ways to obtain lawful permanent resident status for her clients. If all else fails, Sarah Rich will put together the strongest case to convince the government to exercise their discretion and terminate the case.

Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle

With experience in both criminal and immigration courts, Sarah Rich has the knowledge to handle both elements of your case. Why hire separate criminal and immigration attorneys when you can hire Sarah Rich to handle both sides? Sarah Rich can negotiate and fight for an outcome that will have a minimal impact on your immigration case. With her experience background in immigration law, Sarah Rich can advise you of the consequences that the outcome your criminal case will have on your immigration case. Sarah Rich knows how to protect her clients and will fight for your right to stay in the United States.

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